To Our Customers

I want to take a moment and connect with you directly as the coronavirus continues to impact our communities, our customers and our staff.

The well-being and safety of our customers and my staff is our top priority I will always be at the center of every decision we make.

We are dedicated to actively keeping our staff updated on preventative practices and preparedness plans recommended through the CDC.

As this unfolds, we will all be adjusting the way we live and work. We are committed to making it easy and safe for you to get the wine you love; however, you feel most comfortable.

Our tasting room has always been disinfected and cleaned on a regular basis; we will continue what we do but more often during the day when customers are here. Our staff are using CDC recommended hand-washing, and we are aggressively cleaning common areas like counters, doorknobs etc.

Our bathroom is stocked with antibacterial soap and gel for all customers and staff.

Thank you very much for your devotion and passion. We will keep you updated during this time of need.

Reyes Winery