The Taste You Crave and the Health You Need

A glass of wine is so much more than just a glass of wine. The way it complements food makes it a great drink with any meal. Since some areas don’t have the best attributes for a vineyard, Californians are fortunate enough to live where some of the best wines in the world are made.

California wine is the finest in the country. Robert Reyes, owner of Reyes Winery in Agua Dulce, couldn’t agree more, “California is situated in the same environment as other countries that grow wine. Some areas in California are better than others for growing wine grapes. One would think Agua Dulce wouldn’t be a good place for a vineyard but the wines we make here have won medals, including gold in our Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.”

With great wine so close to home, we can get the award winning taste of Reyes Winery’s wines, plus the amazing benefits that come with it. It’s hard to go to a restaurant or celebration and not see someone enjoying a glass of wine. Robert notices this, saying “wine is usually paired with food because wine complements food flavors. People also drink it for entertainment like one would drink any other alcoholic beverage.”

The health benefits of red wine can’t be ignored either, two glasses of red wine per day is suggested for keeping your heart healthy. “Red wine contains antioxidants that are good for your heart, including reseveratrol, which is a great antioxidant.” Robert explains.

One of the finest wineries in the Santa Clarita Valley is Reyes Winery in Agua Dulce. Robert Reyes has owned his 16-acre property since 2003. He planted the vineyard in 2004 and, since then, has been making great wines including: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Chardonnay, and Muscat. To contact Reyes Winery, call (661) 268-1865 or visit Stop by to see Robert and his vineyard and winery and see why this small local winery can produce fabulous wines.