2012 Petite Sirah and Plum Chutney

I’m gonna start off in the negative this week even though I try not to. I must share I had the world’s worst tasteless plums last week.  They were so bad… How bad were they? Sounds like the start of a bad joke.  Well, I bought five, I took a bite of the first one and struggled to take a second bite. I ended up not finishing it and I bit into the second one and it was just as bad as the first and really didn’t know what to do…

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International Merlot Day

November 7th is International Merlot Day!

For everyone that knows me, I love talking about Merlot.  Every wine has a holiday and of course Merlot gets a whole month and a day. You start to enjoy Merlot for the whole month of October and on November 7 we finish it with a bang.  #MerlotMe It’s one of those wines that needs a little bit of a push, but when you try it, you will love it. This Past weekend, I was pouring our 2015 Merlot at the Sunset in the Vineyard…

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