Flowering… The second stage of a grape vine


The second stage of a grape vine

By Beth Heiserman

Six weeks ago, I wrote about “The First stage of a grape vine”. This week we are now starting the second stage in our Chardonnay grapes, which is called “flowering”.  It can be anywhere from 40-60 and some varietals takes longer than the 60 days.  The average daily temperature needs to be about 65 °F from bud break. Our Chardonnay has taken about 45 days to flower the last two years, from bud break.  Our Syrah, Cabernet…

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International Sauvignon Blanc Day


2013 Sauvignon Blanc Ren FrontDid you know that May 6 is International Sauvignon Blanc Day.

It started in New Zealand to help promote the wine. They produce over 70% of the worlds Sauvignon Blanc production.

The celebrations will kick off on May 6th this year in New Zealand, a country that owes much of its reputation to Sauvignon Blanc, and will continue across the globe following the sun with tastings planned around the world and eventually finishing 43 hours later at the organization’s headquarters in San Francisco. Celebrate by enjoying a glass of Sauvignon…

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