Wine and Cheese Pairing



I’m always amused when I go to events or to someone’s house and
they have a cheese course. I often see cheeses that don’t pair really well with certain wines.

Cheese is a lot like wine, they both have aromas, flavors and other
nuances that are very similar. Cheese is perfect either as a starter or a dessert course. Pick a wine like a Chardonnay, one that is a little herbal and slightly fruity like Reyes 2010 Chardonnay. This wine pairs well with a variety of cheeses such as goat cheese rolled in Lavender…

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Eve’s Wine 101 article on our wine and cheese event.

Eve Visits Our Latest Winery Tasting Room: Reyes Winery


During one of the last warm days in October we took a beautiful drive through a long winding road that led us to a new winery about 30 minutes from our home in Newhall. The exterior of the winery was decorated with an expansive fountain framed by an equally expansive view of vines on three sides; on the fourth side was the winery tasting room situated between the winery itself and a modest home. Had we viewed the winery from above, we would have seen vines in all four directions, with…

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