2019 March Quarterly Shipment

2019 March Quarterly Shipment

by Beth Heiserman

Its that time again for our members to have their quarterly choices and a lunch. Our wine club consists of four shipments are year. They are march, June, September and December. There is no fee to become a member, only a commitment that you will remain a member for at least four shipments. Every shipment you have an option of either having it shipped to you or picking it up at the winery. For instance, next weekend is our member pick up party which we offer to all our members free of charge. It allows two members to have lunch and a glass of wine each. If they wish to invite friends, it’s $15 a person. Every lunch that I do is always paired with the wine of the selections we have chosen. You can come too as a guest and pay $15 for lunch and a glass of wine to experience one of our events. I always choose one white wine and two red wines, and one of the three always being a new release. This quarter my three wines are 2011 renaissance by Reyes Winery Les Deux Rois, 2016 renaissance by Reyes Chardonnay (new release), and 2013 Syrah (new release).

Our Renaissance by Reyes Winery 2011 Les Deux Rois has won many awards including a gold medal & 90 points from the 2014 San Diego County Fair Commercial Wine Competition, plus 2nd Prize for best label in the 2014 San Diego County Fair Commercial Wine Competition. In addition, it has received a bronze Medal in the 2014 O.C. Fair Commercial Wine Competition. This is a blend of California Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. The label depicts our family crest, which represents an extensive ancestral history. This is the first of several delicious wines Reyes Winery will proudly be releasing in the future. It has a rich ruby red color with aromas of plum, dark cherries and a hint of cocoa. On the palate you get a continuity of its delectable aromas. Enjoy with Beef Bourguignon, 3 month Manchego cheese or berry bread pudding.

One of our new releases is the Renaissance by Reyes 2016 Chardonnay.  It has delightful aromas of citrus, lemon zest and a hint of grapefruit. Aged in French oak for 20 months, creating a multi layered and complex wine. It is rich on the palate and filled with notes of tangerines and quince. Enjoy chilled with grilled spicy salmon topped with a grapefruit salsa or a citrus salad.

The other newest release is our estate 2013 Syrah. It is truly a spectacular wine. I am very happy to release it, yet sad that our 2009 Syrah has been sold out. It has won a Double Gold medal & 94 points from the San Francisco International Wine Competition and a Silver medal from the 2017 Los Angeles International Wine Competition. Our Estate Syrah was aged in French Oak for 23 months and brings blackberry, plum, pepper and fall herbs to your senses. Its silky finish lingers with soft tannins and a touch of smoky oak. Enjoy with lamb burgers or a mixed berry trifle.

Next weekend, I am serving for lunch, like every quarterly member party.

I prepare dishes that will pair well with the three wines. I will have meatballs with a blackberry serrano sauce, grapefruit salsa chicken, pasta with steamed vegetables, plus mixed green salad and for dessert chocolate cupcakes with cherry pie filling, mixed berry cobbler and a few other goodies. We are open this weekend for lunch from 12pm-4pm. Come join the Reyes family and become a wine club member!