Celebrate #GrenacheDay at Reyes Winery this Weekend!

Grenache is one of the lightest red wine varietals, like Pinot Noir.  It grows well in hot, dry and windy climates like Agua Dulce. Our 2015 Grenache was sourced from Alonso Family Vineyards in Agua Dulce. This year, we brought Grenache in from Lake Los Angeles, which is about 37 miles north east of Reyes Winery. The climate there is similar to ours, but they have much more water than us. This varietal tends to be harvested later than most other grapes. This year was somewhat in the middle.

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Veraison, is the ripening stage before we harvest


It is the ripening stage before we harvest

The grape cycle begins with bud break, generally in March or April. Flowering, and fruit set happens shortly after. Then followed in the summer by veraison which leads into harvesting. By Thanksgiving, we have the beautiful colors of fall. The leaves start to fall, which leads into dormancy in the month of December and January. We then prune in January.

IMG_5556Currently, we are in the veraison stage. This is the stage before harvest. After “fruit set”, the red grapes varietals…

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