Reyes 2011 Les Deux Rois Blackberry Serrano Jam

Reyes 2011 Les Deux Rois Blackberry Serrano Jam

By Beth Heiserman


Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, I would say are the two most famous red wines. They are the kings of red wine. This week, I am sharing with you a favorite, 2011 Renaissance by Reyes Les Deux Rois. This is our “Two Kings” red wine blend. The two grapes make up this amazing and award-winning Bordeaux-style red blend. For hundreds of years, these two grapes are widely known around the world.

Cabernet Sauvignon classically provides the blend’s structure, with heavier tannins and more acidity than Merlot.  It also brings dark-fruit flavors of blackberries. Merlot is generally considered much juicier of a grape with less structure, but lots of fruitiness. In the vineyard, the Merlot tend to be larger grapes with much more juice than the thick-skinned smaller grape of the Cabernet Sauvignon. When paired together, they have a potential to age well for many years.

Our Renaissance by Reyes Winery 2011 Les Deux Rois has won many awards including a gold medal & 90 points from the 2014 San Diego County Fair Commercial Wine Competition, plus 2nd Prize for best label in the 2014 San Diego County Fair Commercial Wine Competition. In addition, it has received a bronze Medal in the 2014 O.C. Fair Commercial Wine Competition. This is a blend of California Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. The label depicts our family crest, which represents an extensive ancestral history. This is the first of several delicious wines Reyes Winery will proudly be releasing in the future. It has a rich ruby red color with aromas of plum, dark cherries and a hint of cocoa. On the palate you get a continuity of its delectable aromas. This wine can be paired with so many dishes. Enjoy with Beef Bourguignon, 3-month Manchego cheese or berry bread pudding.

This week for our member pickup lunch, I am preparing meatballs that have a blackberry serrano sauce made from the recipe below. This lunch is open to all, guests pay $15 for lunch and a glass of wine to experience one of our events. Hopefully, you will enjoy our wine as much as I do and you will become a member and be part of our Reyes Winery wine club family.

Reyes 2011 Les Deux Rois Blackberry Serrano Jam

By Beth Heiserman

At our monthly “hike and brunches”, I usually have a seasonal jam. This is a delicious winter favorite. I enjoy a tad of jam with my yogurt or on a croissant. This past month the blackberries looked so delicious, they inspired me to make this sweet and spicy treat.


4 ½ cups blackberries, chopped and pitted

4 cups of sugar

1 lemon, juiced

1 serrano pepper, minced

1 package of Sure-jell Certo liquid pectin

1/3 cup of Reyes 2011 Les Deux Rois


1.    Pour sugar into large pot and cook over medium to high heat.

2.    When sugar starts to melt and sides of pot, looks like it is a caramel color; add blackberries, lemon juice, serrano pepper and pectin.

3.    When it starts to boil, continue to cook until frothy.

4.    When the back of the spoon looks like it is sticking to the back. (Take a finger and go down the back of the spoon, if you make a line and it feels thick, it’s done.) Turn off the heat.

5.    Add Reyes 2011 Les Deux Rois.

6.    Strain out the seeds in a fine mesh strainer.

7.    Chill and then Serve.