Holiday Dinner Wine Pairings

The holidays are a time for family, friends, food, & laughter. Choosing the perfect wines to serve during your special gatherings can be nerve-racking. This year, relax, set the worries aside and follow these recommendations for these sure-to-please Holiday Food & Wine Pairings. Let these fine wine recommendations help you plan your holidays stress free.

What to Pour First?

Whether you are the host or a holiday guest selecting a bottle to bring to the party, there is no better way to jump-start the evening than with a bottle of a lighter wine! No need to be uneasy about which wine will please the entire crowd, simply pop the cork from a delicious 2010 Reyes Winery Chardonnay, serve chilled as soon as guests arrive, this wine pairs perfectly with party appetizers and light cheeses.


Depending on how it’s prepared, ham can shower your palate with a combination of sweet, salty, & smoky flavors. Some people think ham needs an equally powerful wine to match its boldness. However, one of my favorite ham pairings is 2010 Reyes Winery Muscat, an exciting, semi-sweet crowd-pleaser. The sweetness and crisp acid levels enhance rather than clash with the savory ham, especially if you’ve used a sweet honey or pineapple glaze.

Roasted Fowl or Salmon

One of this year’s reds I like to pair with goose is 2010 Reyes Winery Syrah. This lovely Syrah is soft and light, but still retains presence of smoky, black cherry, and a hint of raspberry. This wine has won a Silver at the LA International Wine & Spirits Competition 2012, Bronze in San Francisco Competition. My second recommendation for salmon or turkey is the 2010 Reyes Winery Merlot. This wine is alive with bright blueberry, and finishes with hints of brown-sugar, cloves, and cinnamon. Is a multi award winner, which has won a silver in Orange County 2012, silver in Long Beach Grand Cru 2012, and bronze in LA International Wine & Spirits Competition 2012. If you’re looking for an exciting variation to your normal recipe, use this wine to make a Spicy Cranberry Merlot Sauce to accompany your turkey!

Beef Tenderloin, Prime Rib, Ribs, or Lamb

Even the most discriminating palate will sing when served a glass of 2009 Reyes Syrah alongside hearty holiday red meats. This spicy, savory Syrah is vibrant with juicy black fruits clinging to its powerful, fleshy backbone. Deep and intensely spirited, this Syrah takes on peppered red meats like a galloping brawny stud. This wine won two silvers, one in the LA International Wine & Spirits Competition and one in the O.C. Fair. With Another fantastic wine pairing for beef and lamb is the robust 2009 Reyes Cabernet. Like all great Cabernets this Cab is Rich and bold, with sweet smoky oak, there’s no question why it won “Best of Class” and a gold medal at the LA International Wine and Spirits Competition and was rated at 95 points. For an added twist, use this wine to make a shallot and Cabernet wine sauce to go with your dish. Cheers!