Flowering… The second stage of a grape vine


The second stage of a grape vine

By Beth Heiserman

Six weeks ago, I wrote about “The First stage of a grape vine”. This week we are now starting the second stage in our Chardonnay grapes, which is called “flowering”.  It can be anywhere from 40-60 and some varietals takes longer than the 60 days.  The average daily temperature needs to be about 65 °F from bud break. Our Chardonnay has taken about 45 days to flower the last two years, from bud break.  Our Syrah, Cabernet…

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2012 Chardonnay

Our 2012 Estate Bottled Chardonnay

This un-oaked Chardonnay has luscious tropical aromas of orange blossom honey, grapefruit and pineapple. This wine has a crisp and refreshing mouth feel, medium body with some deep flavors and richness, and is definitely well balanced. Our Sierra Pelona Valley Appellation’s terroir truly shows its character with this wine.

Price $: 24.00

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2011 Chardonnay

2011 ChardonnayOur 2011 Chardonnay is light and easy to drink. It exhibits unique tropical aromas with an exotic taste of guava and grapefruit. This wine can pair well with an Ambrosia salad, oysters, or it can be paired with a spicy Caribbean fish. Its pleasantly fruity flavors and good balance provide a pleasurable lingering finish. This Chardonnay makes any day feel like an escape to your tropical paradise.

Price $: 22.00

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2010 Chardonnay

2010 2010 Reyes Winery Estate Bottled Chardonnay, Sierra Pelona Valley Appellation HAS SOLD OUT

This wine marked an important milestone for Reyes Winery as our inaugural white wine. Our Chardonnay starts with subtle hints of citrus, pear and peach elements. On the mid palate a balance of Pippen apples, subtle spices and just a hint of vanilla are detected. The finesse of this wine is found in the perfect proportion and intensity from the nose through the finish.
Our pioneer Chardonnay is sophisticated in nose and palate…

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