50 Shades of pink!

50 Shades of pink!

What is a Rosé Wine?

From pink to fuchsia…and all the shades in between like blush, crepe, rouge,salmon or coral.

By Beth P. Heiserman
Published February 1, 2017



Rose wines, often called blush wines are wines normally made with red grapes but that have a much lighter color than red wine based upon the way the wine is created. It can be created a number of ways. There are three ways to make a rose; skin-contact, Saignée or blending.Read More

2009 Rosa’s Choice Rose

2009 Rose

2009 Reyes Winery Estate Bottled Rosa’s Choice Rose, Sierra Pelona Valley Appellation- SOLD OUT

This delicious rose is an excellent wine with many elements and great appeal. The blend is a clear salmon pink color, medium bodied with sweet berry flavors and hints of citrus, apple and spice. This wine is slightly sweet, fresh, well balanced, with a pleasantly crisp and enduring finish.
It entices you to drink it on the porch, in the backyard, anywhere. It is very approachable and very easy drinking; it…

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