IMG_2982Robert Reyes promotes 3rd Annual Sierra Pelona Wine Festival to benefit American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life of the Santa Clarita Valley on SCVtv on February 18, 2015 with Stacy Kupfer.










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March 21, 2015, 8am-12pm
Reyes Winery Charity Hike and Saturday Brunch $75

Robert Reyes, wine-maker and general manager, will guide you on a beginner, medium or advance level hike through the Sierra Pelona Mountains. You will have views of the beautiful valley from the 3500ft elevation. There will be three different trails depending on your level of skill.
After the hike, enjoy a tour of the winery and a light and healthy brunch including such items as seasonal quiches, sticky rolls, salad with chardonnay vinaigrette, yogurt/granola parfait, baked hash brown casserole, baked french toast, dessert, wine and coffee.
Following brunch we will head into the tasting room and gallery for a tasting of their award winning wines. will be performing during brunch.


April 25, 2015, 12pm-4pm
Sierra Pelona Valley Wine Festival $65/$90(VIP)

The wine festival features numerous wineries and local wine makers offering tastings of their best wines. There will also be gourmet food and specialty items sampling, handmade crafts from local artisans, live music, and lots of fun for a great day. Attendees will receive a specialty event glass, event plate, specialty gift bag, wine and food sampling and free parking. Prepaid general admission Tickets are $65.00 and $75.00 at the door. Benefits will support the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life of Santa Clarita Valley.

For tickets for either or both of these events, please visit or

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Robert Reyes receives “Lifetime Achievement Award”


rw 12Each year the Los Angeles Business Journal recognizes prominent Latino-owned businesses and individuals based on their merits, success, and contributions to their communities.

The LA Journal gives out 5 business awards based on the size of the businesses, from small private to Large Public, plus an award for a Community Charitable Organization and finally their highest recognition, the Lifetime Achievement Award.   Robert Reyes was nominated this year as a candidate to receive an award.   Altogether, there were 45 nominees this year including all categories.  We are happy to report Robert Reyes received the highest award, the “Lifetime Achievement Award” on January 20, 2015. There were approximately 450 attendees at the award luncheon, which was held at the LA Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles.  We are very proud of Robert’s achievements, not only as an award-winning winemaker and “Renaissance Man” but as a great human being.






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lifetime award

This is the verbiage written on the plaque on the Lifetime Achievement Award
Robert Reyes was born in the Dominican Republic in 1950, six months after
the death of his father. Left on her own, Reyes’ mother learned the sewing
trade. She became a seamstress, earned a living, raised her four children and
never remarried.
In 1962 Reyes’ mother moved to the US to find a better life for her family. Reyes
quickly learned the language by setting a goal to learn several words each day until
he learned the language of his new country. Upon graduation he was hired by an
insurance company as a computer programmer and operator, and was transferred to
Los Angeles in 1971, also the year of his marriage.
At the age of 20, Reyes started his first business with the help of his new wife – a
garment sewing contracting business while still working the night shift at the insurance
company. That business was subsequently sold to a group of investors. At the
age of 23 Reyes launched into what would be a long and prosperous real estate career,
acquiring, holding, and selling properties since he acquired his first property in 1973.
In 1984, Reyes purchased a steel construction company from its original founder.
The company, which is run today by Reyes’ son, is still prosperous.
At the age of 45, Reyes decided to go back to college and earn a Bachelor’s degree in
Business Administration. He later went back at age 51 and earned a Master’s degree.
Because of a passion for art, wine and winemaking, Reyes envisioned having a
small vineyard to produce small amounts of ultra-premium wines for family and
friends. In 2002 he purchased the beautiful land where the Reyes Vineyard and
Winery are located today. As of December of last year, Reyes Winery has won 56
medals and awards from various major competitions and Reyes wines are distributed
throughout Southern California and are shipped all over the country.



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Evaluating Wine by Sight



IMG_1046Evaluating Wine by Sight                                                             

I previously discussed wine tasting surroundings and avoiding unwanted smells.  Your next step is to visually examine the wine; your glass should be about one-quarter full.

Look straight down into the glass, then hold the glass to the light, and finally, tilt the glass so the wine rolls toward the edge. This will allow you to see the wine’s complete color range.  I recommend you do this by placing your glass in front of a piece of white paper so you can see it more clearly, this will also show you how clear the wine is.  By doing this you get a sense of the depth of color, which gives an indication of the density of the wine.  A deeply-saturated, purple-black color might be indicative of a younger Syrah or a Petit Sirah; a lighter, pale shade might suggest a Pinot Noir.  A wine that looks clear and brilliant and shows some sparkle, is always a good sign.

If the color looks pale and watery, it may suggest a thin, possibly insipid wine. If the color looks brownish (for a white) or orange or rusty brick (for a red wine) it is either an older wine or a wine that has been oxidized and may be past its prime.

Swirl!  You can swirl your glass most easily by keeping it firmly on a flat surface.  Notice if the wine forms “legs” or “tears” that run down the sides of the glass. Wines that have good legs are wines with more alcohol content, and are not necessarily better wines as some people may tell you.  Wine legs are caused by alcohol evaporation; when you swirl your wine you create a thin film of wine on the surface of the glass. As the alcohol evaporates (creating wine aromas), the leftover water-wine mix collects on the sides of the glass creating droplets that fall back into the glass.

How to taste and evaluate wine


syrah double gold

How to taste and evaluate wine


IMG_1046This is the first in a series of short informative articles about wine tasting and wine evaluation. I will be offering some simple suggestions to help you enjoy and evaluate wine. These are suggestions you can immediately use in your wine tasting journey. I want to simplify the process and make it a fun learning experience rather than giving you a rigid set of rules to abide by. After all, wine is to be enjoyed and appreciated. Starting out, I will address tasting surroundings and conditions, and in subsequent articles I will address identifying certain characteristics such as: color, taste, balance, complexity, and the harmony of wine.

Wine aroma tells you a lot about the wine, therefore, make sure to avoid or distance yourself from cooking smells, perfumes and even pet odor, which can impair your ability to get a true impression of a wine’s aromas. If there are strong smells where you are, especially perfume, find a place with some fresh air where you can evaluate and taste your wine.

The shape and size of the glass make a difference, too small, the wrong shape, or smells of detergent or anything else, can affect a wine’s aromas and flavors.

Smelling is an important part of wine tasting, it is through the aromas we identify certain components, and we ultimately taste the wine. The flavors we perceive in wine come from aromas we get in the nose.


IMG_1776[1]Try this, pour a little wine in your glass, swirl the wine to coat the walls of the glass and get the full aroma, then smell and think about what you perceive. For instance, when smelling the aroma of a Syrah, you’d normally perceive plums, blackberry, dark fruit, pepper, and sometimes a little smoke. Just like you will find in Reyes Winery’s double gold medal 2011 Syrah. Come to our tasting room and try it!



paellaWho will be joining me for “Paella Day at Reyes Winery”

Hosted by Le Chene and the Santa Clarita Wine Enthusiasts

May 17, 2014 at 1pm

$40 per person, purchase tickets at

It includes lunch, 2 glasses of wine, a tasting flight of 5 wines, and a tour of the vineyard.

latin neonCome and enjoy and afternoon and Reyes Winery enjoying Paella and listening to an amazing guitarist, The Latin Neon while sipping award winning wines.



2nd Annual Sierra Pelona Valley Vintners Association Wine Festival

The Perfect Pairing of California Fine Wine & Good Living


Sierra Pelona Valley Vintners Association (SPVVA) will hold its 2nd Annual Sierra Pelona Valley Vintners Association Wine Festival on Saturday, April 26, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Reyes Winery in Agua Dulce.  Proceeds from the festival will benefit College of the Canyons, the Institute for the Culinary Arts, scheduled to open fall 2014. Guests will enjoy “ticketless” tastings of wine, beer, spirits, and gourmet fancy food samplings, all paired perfectly with a full day of good living and great experiences.  Guests will receive a complimentary commemorative tasting glass and plate, a specialty gift bag, and free parking. Festival attractions will include:


·        highdesertcellarsWine, Beer & Spirits Tastings from  San Antonio Winery, Alonso Family Vineyards, Chavez Vineyards, Golden Star Vineyards, Harris Wine Biz, High Desert Cellars, Oasis Vineyards, Agua Dulce Winery, Coruce Vineyards and Winery, Antelope Valley Winery, Donato Family Vineyards, Pulchella Winery, Reyes Winery, and other SPVVA Members.


·        tentsGourmet Bites, from delicious artisan food producers such as Le Chene French Cuisine, Truffles n Toffee, California Bakery, and more to be announced.


·        LEcheneArts & Crafts Exhibit featuring some of LA’s most esteemed artists and craftsmen including Bacelar Woodworks, Patina Soul, Prussmeier Fine Pens, and the paintings of Winemaker Robert Reyes.


·       greg Live Music from Quattro, the 2013 Latin Grammy Nominee for Best New Artist; and returning for a second year, the Still Moving Project.


·     Union Bank of California  Raffle items will include Wine & Dine gift certificates, a variety of other wines, gift packages, artwork, and many more exciting items from the event’s sponsors. Sponsors for the event include Union Bank of California,  Galpin Motors, and Rec Solar.



·        sanVIP Treatment: With the purchase of a VIP Pass, guests will experience the private Winemaker’s tour and barrel tasting including early entrance at 11 a.m.; V.I.P. lounge reserve wine tasting paired with a gourmet lunch, plus all general admission ticket benefits. (Only a limited amount of VIP passes are available). Exclusive V.I.P. Access Event Passes will be available online at $90.00 until February 28. After February 28, V.I.P. passes will return to their original price of $100.00.

 Please visit the SPVVA website.  Prepaid general admission tickets are $65.00 and $75.00 at the door. Special-Benefit-Designated-Driver tickets are also available.


our logoReyes Winery is located at 10262 Sierra Highway in Agua Dulce, CA 91390.


 Media Contact: Georgina Stassi, Stassi & Associates, Media Relations for the Wine & Culinary Industry;; 310-613-7445. See Media Pass Request Form on SPVVA website.


About Sierra Pelona Valley AVA and SPVVA Vintners Association:

The Sierra Pelona Valley Vintners Association is an organization that brings together the talents and resources of its members, partners and community in order to promote the production and appreciation of fine wines grown or produced within the Sierra Pelona Valley AVA. Nestled in the Sierra Pelona Mountains of Southern California, just 30 miles north of downtown Los Angeles, the Sierra Pelona Valley’s untouched natural beauty provides the perfect environment for burgeoning vineyards, boutique wineries and outdoor enthusiasts. Visitors can enjoy a day of discovery and relaxation exploring the area’s fine wineries, tasting rooms, events and hiking trails. For information on how to make the most of your time in Sierra Pelona Valley Wine Country, join the Sierra Pelona Valley Vintner’s on Facebook and follow along on Twitter.






Hello everyone!

Reyes Winery is hosting the Second Annual Sierra Pelona Valley Wine Festival on Saturday April 26, 2014 from 11am-4pm.   We will have local winemakers and numerous wineries, breweries, and tequila producers from all across Southern California.  We are happy to be part of one of California’s most exciting burgeoning winemaking regions.

Come and join us at this year’s Wine Festival benefitting College of the Canyons.  Our guests will be treated to gourmet food pairings from highly acclaimed Los Angeles area chefs and artisanal food makers.  We will have an art exhibit from local artists and craftsmen. You will be entertained with live music from several local bands.  There will be a raffle, which will include Wine-and-Dine gift certificates, wines, gift baskets, and a variety of other items.

Purchase tickets NOW!

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Mixed Greens with Reyes 2012 Chardonnay Dressing


IMG_0912[1]Mixed Greens with Reyes 2012 Chardonnay Dressing

By Beth P. Heiserman

Growing up, my grandpa started a garden that 4’x6’ and eventually the garden grew to half the yard. He grew corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, and many more vegetables that we enjoyed in our salad for dinner.

Ingredients for Salad

16oz Mixed Greens, cleaned and drained

½ cup cherry tomatoes, halved

¼ cup pumpkin seeds                       

¼ cup celery, sliced

½  cup pea pods

½ cups of dried cranberries

½ cup apple, chopped (pink lady or granny smith are good choices)

¼ cup red onion, chopped

¼ cup chevre cheese

Ingredients for Dressing

½ cup olive oil

½ cup pear vinegar

½ cup of Reyes 2012 Chardonnay

2 tsp parsley

2 tsp seasoned pepper

2 tsp salt, kosher




1.    In a mixing bowl, add all ingredients.

2.    Mix together and let rest for 10 minutes.





IMG_0540[1]Renaissance 2011 Merlot Tri Tip

By Beth P. Heiserman



One afternoon, when I was putting together a menu for Ladies Night Out, I was trying to pair 2011 Renaissance Merlot with some dishes. It has aromas of mocha and anise. I thought of making red-eye gravy with my meal, but instead I did a Merlot au jus and used the coffee as the rub. Coffee and cayenne are a perfect pair.



3 lbs of tri tip

3 tsp of olive oil

2 cups Renaissance 2011 Merlot

½ cup ground coffee (I used cinnamon hazelnut)

2 tsp garlic, chopped

2 tsp parsley

2 tsp oregano

3 tsp cayenne

1 ½ tsp of kosher salt

2 tsp of seasoned pepper






1.    In a dutch oven, heat the pan and add the olive oil.

2.    In mixing bowl, combine coffee, cayenne, garlic, parsley, oregano, salt and pepper.

3.    Rub the meat all over.

4.    Sear the tri tip on both sides.

5.    Add Renaissance 2011 Merlot to pan and cook for about 10 minutes.

6.    Bake in preheated oven at 300 degrees for 2 hours, covered.

7.    Uncover and cook at 375 degrees for 30 minutes.

8.    Serve.




2011 Reyes Winery California Merlot

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