2015 Emmie’s Blend and Albarino Day!

When I went to the market the other day, my sweet tooth is calling to get something, I probably should not have had.  We all know what that’s like. Don’t ever go shopping when you’re hungry. Well it was already too late at that point, something made me turn my head because it looked so interesting, I had to get it. Back in January I started to see Ruby cacao bars.  And now every time I see one, my eyes go towards it. If you haven’t tried it, it’s something that is so different and new that you keep going back for more because it’s so tasty. The first time I tried it, it had a raspberry filling and it was so fabulous. I remember enjoying it with a glass of 2010 Syrah.  This time I got a chocolate bar that is filled with a pink grapefruit purée.  All I can say is oh my goodness. I had major trouble stopping at one and before I knew it the bar was gone.

Because of the tasty treat, I kept thinking of one of our wines that I’m getting ready to release soon, 2015 Emmie’s Blend. This will be our newest wine to be released.  Plus, it’s our first white wine blend. This is a “member only” limited edition wine that is a blend of Chardonnay, Muscat and Albarino. When a wine is from our “Library Wines”, which are for members only, they are available to everyone when they are featured on the tasting sheet or “Wine of the Week”. When you visit this week, ask me about being a member and all its perks.

The white wine blend has a beautiful floral aroma of light citrus notes. It is well balanced with the right acidity. It pairs with baked brie with an apple compote or chevre with lavender. Enjoy chilled!

This weekend I will be featuring this wine for the first time to everyone. August 1st is Albarino Day. But the celebration a few years ago has made the festivity into 6 days.  It was created to happen during the Albarino festival in a town in Galicia, Spain – Cambados.

Albarino is a white grape that comes from Portugal. We have sourced ours from right down the road from Alonso Family Vineyards. This grape can have notes of peach, apricots and citrus. It is generally a dry white wine. When we harvest our Chardonnay and Muscat, we added the Albarino with the skins on, like our Amber Chardonnay. The grapes went through the first fermentation like a red wine.  It was then aged in French Oak barrels that had only seen white wine once before. It is a very oaky dry white wine that is absolutely delicious.

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